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Black Tattoo Art 2

Black Tattoo Art II: Modern Expressions of the Tribal, the second incarnation of what has been deemed the “Bible of Blackwork Tattoos.”

ISBN 978-3-943105-21-6

Day of the Dead Tattoo Artwork Collection

This book represents a veritable compendium of skulls and Catrinas with impressive artistic scope, and a valuable source of inspiration for contemporary tattoo artwork.

ISBN 978-3-943105-25-4


Traditional Tattoo in Japan: HORIKAZU

Traditional Tattoo in Japan: HORIKAZU. Lifework of the Tattoo Master from Asakusa in Tokyo is a highlight for all fans of tattoo, and Japan as well!

ISBN 978-3-943105-10-0

magical tattoos and scarification


Spiritual Skin: MAGICAL TATTOOS AND SCARIFICATION. Wisdom. Healing. Shamanic Power. Protection is a photographic masterwork in two parts exploring the secret world of magical tattooing and scarification across the tribal world.

ISBN 978-3-943105-11-7

color tattoo art

Chinese Tattoo Art
Traditional and Modern Styles

"Chinese Tattoo Art” is the world’s first comprehensive documentation of the art of tattooing in China and Taiwan.

ISBN 978-3-943105-04-9

color tattoo art

Latino Art Collection
Tattoo-Inspired Chicano, Maya, Aztec and Mexican Styles

This lavishly illustrated large-format volume features the work of artists and tattooists who rank among the best that the scene has to offer.

ISBN 978-3-943105-05-6

color tattoo art

Color Tattoo Art

This breathtaking volume presents 42 of the world’s best tattoo artists for Comics, Cartoon, Pin-Up, Manga and New School. Many of the impressive tattoos are shown full page. In addition you will find a rich selection of scetches, paintings and artwork.

ISBN 978-3-934020-93-1

Black & Grey TattooBlack & Grey Tattoo

Black & Grey Tattoo 1-3

BLACK & GREY TATTOO 1-3 is a mammoth work!

ISBN 978-3-934020-85-6

Kalinga Tattoo

Kalinga Tattoo

A photographic masterpiece that explores the vanishing art of Kalinga tribal tattooing.

ISBN 978-3-934020-86-3

Black Tattoo Art

Black Tattoo Art

No other publication has curated the work of so many esteemed international tattooists working in black ink and gathered them into one compre-hensive volume!

ISBN 978-3-934020-71-9

Tattoo in Japan

Tattoo in Japan
Photography: Martin Hladik
John Harte
Geoff Johnson
Toshihiro Oshima

The opulently illustrated volume "Tattoo in Japan" is an impressive book about the high art of tattooing in Japan.

ISBN 978-3-934020-64-1