Russian Beauties Album 2

In this second volume of photos, Russian photographer Alex Truew again enchants us with his sensitive nude portraits of innocent Russian nymphs. Connoisseurs who appreciate photographs by Grigori Galitsin or David Hamilton will surely enjoy these Russian beauties. Take your eyes and your imagination on a wonderful voyage and accompany lovely girls, many of whom pose nude here for the first time. It’s practically a miracle to discover that such a romantic and natural world of eroticism still exists in today’s often hectic and seldom innocent world.

Russian Beauties

I suppose fate has smiled on me, because it has given me the good fortune to do more or less whatever my heart desires. What I love most are beautiful women the extraordinary Russian nature. Close contact with these two worlds, and the ability to combine them in artistic nude photography, enable me to breathe life into my inspirations and translate them into romantic, natural portraits of pretty girls.

I’m especially inspired by my dealings with very different types of women. Russia’s large size and its interesting blend of ethnicities have made it possible to find such women practically everywhere. They’re always fascinating, inscrutable subjects for me and my camera. Beautiful girls are as enchanting as harmoniously emotional music. How and in what way do these captivating feelings arise? The supple nude bodies of young girls are like marvelous frost blossoms on a pane of wintry glass: they’re magical and ephemeral, simultaneously fiery and icy. It’s impossible to fully comprehend and explain their innermost nature. And precisely this inexplicability is what makes them eternally irresistible.

When I peer through the lens of my camera, I try to discover the most important and most secret facets of these girls and to express this in my photos. Images can often be more eloquent than words. I’m particularly fascinated by the Russian type of woman. A Russian woman harbors a very special, beguiling and appealing secret. Though she surely embodies certain characteristics that suggest the temperament of an Italian ragazza, the charm of a French demoiselle or the exuberance of an American girl, she’s nonetheless entirely unlike the women in these Western countries. There’s something about her – a special lust that cannot be put into words or expressed through colors or musical tones. Oh, enigmatic Russian woman! Painters and poets, sculptors and musicians have tried to fathom her and penetrate her secrets, yet she remains as incomprehensible as the mysterious smile on the lips of Mona Lisa!

My Russian models can be sad or happy, full of nervous energy or pensively earnest, closed or open. They may laugh or weep, and some might gaze with a brooding stare, only to sing cheerfully a moment later. They can be bright and airy as a warm summer day or, like an autumn leaf, they can be perfectly still, silent and fragile. They’re as marvelously beautiful as Snow White, and their beauty adds even more radiance to the white gleam of the snow in the Russian winter.

Sometimes when I gaze through my camera’s lens, I think to myself: How can I outwit time and eternally capture this girl’s incredibly tender yet simultaneously melancholy gaze here and now? How can I convey the mystery of her unfathomable eyes, which look as though they’ve swallowed the heavens? How can I grasp the wind as it plays through the curls of her dark blonde hair? How can I eternalize the curve of her lips, which change from smiling to grieving within the space of a second? Each photo is an attempt to comprehend beauty, to portray the most miraculous instant of a girl’s youthful appearance and innocent nudity.

Alex Truew


russian beauties

Photography: Alex Truew
ISBN 978-3-934020-43-6
Format 17 x 24 cm
96 pages
texts in G, E, F
80 photographs
hardcover thread bound
with dust jacket
price 29,90 Euro
(incl. tax)

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