Russian Beauties Album 1

The first collection of photographs by Alex Truew, this book is a romantic tribute to the beauty and innocence of youth. Even today, Russia is still a boundless, untamed country composed of many different peoples, a country offering richly varied types of women with features ranging from European to Asian. This mixture often creates fascinating, exotic beauties that fire the enthusiasm of more than Russian photographers. The collection contains remarkably intimate, sensitive portraits of Russian girls against backgrounds that are typical of their homeland – in countryside or village settings, or nude in the snow.

Press comments and reviews

Fresh, Natural, and Beautiful!!! Photographer Alex Truew has created a spirited little book here that fans of the girl-next-door genre will find absolutely enticing. His models are Russian and Ukrainian girls, most of whom have never modeled before, and their newfound energy, freedom, and enthusiasm are what make this such a delightful body of work. Additionally, Alex has composed a short bio of each girl so that we get to know a little about her background, her personality, and her experience and thoughts on modeling nude for the first time. Nine girls are featured, ranging in age from 18 to 24 and each is a perfect specimen of wholesome, natural beauty – no tattoos, no implants, and nothing excessive that would detract from their magnificent natural gifts. The lovely settings are also a perfect compliment to the overall look and feel to this work. Most locations seem to be the Russian countryside or little parks. All images are shot in color and the feeling to each series is a festive, celebratory one. If this is album number one, then hopefully it won't be too long before we're able to enjoy the follow-up to this lovely work.
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Critics unanimously agree that Alex Truew’s photos are so modern and spectacular because these images seem so unaffected and natural. Most of these young Russian girls were photographed outdoors in verdant forests and blossoming fields. Each session was the first time that these young models were photographed in the nude. Here’s Russia’s best side in its purest form.
(ER men’s magazine, Germany)

Russia’s most beautiful side! Contemporary nude photography suffers from the fact that in a world inundated by pictures, it seems as though nearly every motif has already been seen somewhere before. But there are exceptions: for example, Russian Beauties, Alex Truew’s photo album transformed into a book. Naturally beautiful girls in unstilted poses and natural surroundings – and everything is excellently photographed. With no need for elaborate staging, Russian Beauties focuses undivided attention on today’s girls exactly as they are. The photos are accompanied by short texts in which the Russian girls get a chance to introduce themselves in their own words. The subtitle – “Album 1” – gives us reason to hope that a second volume with similarly pretty shots will soon be published. (Hersfelder Zeitung, Germany)


russian beauties

Photography: Alex Truew
ISBN 978-3-934020-41-2
Format 17 x 24 cm
96 pages
texts in G, E, F
80 photographs
hardcover thread bound
with dust jacket
price 29,90 Euro
(incl. tax)

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