Happy Naturists 2

Andrii Litovchenko, photographer and director of the “Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists,” presents his second photobook, in which he documents the diverse naturist activities of his friends and his club’s members. These people, who love the simple life and who love it most when they’re nude and free in the out of doors, occupy the focal point of his photography. Of course, there’s plenty of partying too, because socializing is written with a capital “S” in the Ukraine! We accompany cheerful naturists into the sauna. We enjoy the fantastic landscapes of the Crimean Peninsula, where people are free to camp wherever they like. And we admire artworks painted on naked bodies. Andrii Litovchenko has created an honest book that invites each reader to take their own trip to the Ukraine.

Press comments and reviews

“This is an exciting book for all fans of nudism, with stimulating insights into the naturist scene in Ukraine and photos full of openness and honesty!”
ER – The World’s Oldest Men’s Magazine

“Carefree nudes in nature, in a sauna, camping, and in the snow: every shot looks natural and free. As in the first book, here again several pages are devoted to imaginative body painting on nude bodies. This is a great book that lives from the intimacy between the photographer and his models.”
Hersfelder Zeitung

“This wonderful photo book will dispel the last shreds of doubt and quickly convince everyone who’s still hesitating to join in and participate in the pleasures of naturism. Joyous faces, suntanned bodies, and infectious naturalness distinguish the photos in this book. So what are you waiting for? Take off your clothes!”

“Naturism in Eastern Europe is pure joie de vivre! Not only in the West, but also in the former Soviet Union, a growing number of individuals and families prefer to populate the beaches in their birthday suits, as nude as Adam and Eve. A fantastic documentation of natural nudity.”
Playboy Fantasme

galitsins angels

Photography: Andrii Litovchenko
ISBN 978-3-934020-32-0
Format 17 x 24 cm
128 pages
texts in G, E, F
121 photographs
hardcover thread-bound
with dust jacket
price 39,90 Euro
 only for 12,40 EUR

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