Galitsins Angels

The Russian artist and photographer Grigori Galitsin was born in Razdelnaya near Odessa at the Black Sea in 1957. He studied classical painting at the art academy in St. Petersburg.

Today he lives and works in Volgograd. Galitsin’s grandfather gave him his first camera, one of the first Leica models, which he’d bought from the German army in 1947. Galitsin soon turned away from academic painting: photography had captured him under its spell.

Galitsin was able to pursue entirely new paths when perestroika arrived and Russia opened to the West in the early 1990s. Like-wise decisive for him was the speedy evolution of the Internet, which enabled him to debut his sensitive, erotic portraits of Russian girls worldwide online in 1996. The success was overwhelming.

His photographic style is not a copy of Western patterns, but reults instead from his creative and unconventional exploration of one of the most popular themes in art: the depiction of the female body.

Although Galitsin’s models are all of legal age, his photographs of these young, nymph-like girls radiate an aura of playful innocence and enchanting naturalness. To our great delight, it seems that tattoos and piercing haven’t yet found their way to faraway Russia. Grigori Galitsin numbers among Russia's foremost contemporary photographers.

Press comments and reviews

“A masterpiece!!! Galitsin’s photos masterfully capture the natural beauty and eroticism of girls and young women. Many of these pictures were taken in natural outdoor settings. The utter naturalness of the girls and the interesting locations further enhance the sense of joy and sensuality that radiates from these photos. These girls display themselves cleanly shaven, and the absolute nudity of their pubes marvelously accentuates the beauty and erotic aura of these young models, without ever making them seen vulgar. Truly a masterpiece!!!” (customer evaluation *****)

“Galitsin’s Angels is an enchanting photo book that makes it easy for us to fall in love with Russia. Here’s nature in its purest form, with neither piercings nor tattoos. The girls who posed for the Russian photographer Grigori Galitsin’s first book of photos wore nothing but a trace of lipstick or perhaps a bit of nail polish. Their natural, unaffected beauty makes this book very special. Galitsin’s models come from throughout Russia. Most of them are about 20 years old. And all of these girls have a natural, naïve, innocent touch that makes them extraordinarily sexy.”

“These pictures by the Russian photographer Grigori Galitsin are like an homage to Lolita, the famous classic of world literature by the author Vladimir Nabokov. Galitsin has created his own style. His photos skillfully tread a path between romanticism à la David Hamilton and Russian realism. A very special book.”

“Paradise as Galitsin imagines it: this photographer’s young muses radiate an aura of almost surreal beauty and natural uninhibitedness. Whether alone or hugging a girlfriend, these girls play tender games in unspoiled nature. The book’s cover reminds us of the French painter Gauguin. Galitsin’s photos float between the colors of the Impressionist master and the rural eroticism of David Hamilton. Galitsin is a magician who brilliantly coaxes the tempting appeal of these young buds into full bloom. Perhaps we can never return to Eden, but fortunately we have this photo book, which invites us dream along with the angels.”

“Russian angels. Galitsin romantically and genuinely depicts the beauty of his young Russian models. This enchanting book is all the more delightful thanks to its beautiful colors.”
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galitsins angels

Photography: Grigori Galitsin
ISBN 978-3-934020-34-4
dimensions 20 x 28 cm
144 pages
135 full-color photographs
texts in G, E, F
hardcover thread-bound
with dust jacket
price 49,90 Euro
 only for 14,90 EUR
(incl. tax)

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Galitsins Angels

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