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Cute girls, summer, sunshine, tanned skin and … a tiny scrap of fabric. We’re pleased to introduce you to photographer and bikini designer Mathias Angelov, who has put together a unique volume of photos featuring the most erotic bikinis you’ve ever seen! The daring bikinis of this cheeky textile saver scoff at prudishness with brightly colored transparent fabrics that become nearly invisible when wet. These swimsuits highlight the very places that a wisp of textile typically conceals: skin-tight hot pants with a central seam that beautifully conforms to the contours of a shaved vulva, brazen thongs that vanish between curvaceous buttocks, and postage-stamp-sized tops from which something almost always slips out.

Matthias Angelov: Bikini Dreams

Cute girls, summer, sunshine, tanned skin and … a tiny scrap of fabric. Bikinis are dreams, longing and desire all rolled into one. Every woman dreams of smooth tanned skin, an athletic figure and natural gracefulness. And the mental images of bikini-clad girls in men’s minds are young, carefree, sexy and erotic. What a dream!

The confusing history of this practical article of sportswear and leisurewear began in classical antiquity. More than 2,000 years ago, Roman beauties were already playing sports while wearing close-fitting two-piece bathing suits. This was neither scandalous nor shocking at the time. It was simply practical and good. The mosaic floor in Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily, which dates from the third century BC, depicts ten female Roman athletes, nine of whom display their bare bellies while wearing very modern-looking bandeau-style bikinis.

The Bikini
The name “bikini” has nothing to do with “bi” (Greek for “two”), but actually refers to the Bikini Atoll in Micronesia, a remote island nation in the western Pacific, where the USA conducted the first postwar atomic bomb tests in 1946. The little paradise in the South Seas was totally annihilated by the impact of a thermonuclear test explosion on July 1, 1946. Inspired by the worldwide outrage at this heinous crime, French fashion designer Louis Réard presented on July 5, 1946 a tiny bathing suit made from four triangular pieces of fabric printed with newspaper articles about the atomic test. He named his creation: “bikini.” Réard’s bikini was so small and revealing that he was unable to find a model who would be willing to wear it at the presentation. He quickly hired a revue dancer named Micheline Bernadini, for whom the little bikini was no problem at all – because she danced in the nude each night at the “Casino de Paris.” Tabloid newspapers ran headlines about the story, which struck like a veritable atomic bomb. Retreat was impossible, so Réard plunged headlong into the fray. At nearly the same time, a competitor named Jacques Heim debuted in his fashion boutique in Cannes a similar model called “atom – the world’s smallest bathing suit.” French fashion magazines, especially “Vogue,” fanned the flames of the conflagration caused by these shockingly daring two-piece garments. Diana Vreeland of “Harper’s Bazaar” described the bikini as “the atomic bomb of the fashion world.” Italy and Spain banned the bikini. The two-piece swimsuit wasn’t appropriate in polite society. The times simply weren’t yet ripe for it.

Not until 1956, when Brigitte Bardot wore a pale, very small, bandeau-style bikini in her film “Et Dieu créa la femme” (“And God Created Woman”) did beaches along the Côte d’Azur quickly fill with girls who wanted to look just as saucy and seductive as their blonde idol. Songs such as “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Brian Hyland, 1960) and the first James Bond film (“Dr. No, 1962) featuring Ursula Andress rising from the surf like an ancient bikini goddess made the bikini a symbol of pop culture in the USA too.

The String Bikini
Rio de Janeiro is very likely the homeland and birthplace of the modern string bikini. But only until the early 1970s did bikinis here look like the bikinis worn elsewhere around the world. This situation changed thanks a genuine “Girl from Ipanema”: Brazilian photo model Rose Di Primo, who collaborated with her mother to create the first Brazilian string bikini in 1972. She had received a commission for photos in a bikini, but she didn’t own one. She didn’t have much money either, so she asked her mother to sew her a bikini. Her mother began immediately, but soon realized that the available fabric wouldn’t be sufficient, so she simply decided to eliminate some of the fabric that would ordinarily cover the buttocks. And thus the first typically Brazilian-style string bikini was born. It was an instant success. Brazilians nicknamed it “fio dental” – dental floss – because the slender string slipped between the posterior cheeks the way a piece of dental floss slides into the gap between two adjacent teeth. By the end of the decade, more than 100 million string bikinis had been sold worldwide. Beachwear reflected the tolerant attitude of the 1970s. Bathing suits, bikinis, and ultimately the acceptance of topless sunbathing soon made Western European beaches nearly as hot as their counterparts in Rio.

The victory march of the bikini soon led to the clear-cutting of the jungle-like thatches of women’s pubic hair. A pelt protruding from beneath the sides of a tiny bikini bottom simply wasn’t attractive, so intimate shaving became a daily ritual for many women. Most European women relied warm water and shaving cream, but many American girls preferred to remove their nether hair with wax in a procedure called “waxing.” In Brazilian waxing, the most popular type of depilation in Brazil, a cosmetician uses hot wax and strips of cotton cloth to pluck the undesired hairs. The ensuing reddening of the skin disappears the next day, leaving the skin silky smooth for several weeks. A two-finger-wide strip of pubic pelt is allowed to remain. Photo models typically opt for the so-called “Hollywood” variant, in which the entire bikini zone is completely depilated. Pubic hairs simply look unprofessional and cheap in underwear photos and transparent lingerie.

Worse Than Naked…
Beyond the confines of the tame, mainstream bikinis available from mail-order houses and in specialty shops, a new underground bikini fashion has emerged during the past few years. Small labels that offer their saucy creations only via the digital shopping world of the Internet now enjoy genuine cult status among their fans. The daring bikinis of these cheeky textile savers scoff at prudishness with brightly colored transparent fabrics that become nearly invisible when wet. Unlined net strings with the dimensions of a postwar postage stamp and skin-tight hot pants with a camel-toe central seam make even a Rio bikini look almost like a burqa. And the bikini tops are so tiny that something interesting is almost certain to slip out… assuming there’s something to slip out to begin with! Provocative, impractical, uncomfortable and uninhibited. In a nutshell: shameless. Meticulously crafted and cunningly marketed. Sexy garments that can cause a furor even at a nude beach – and are likely to get their wearer expelled. That’s what the portfolio includes.

The uniqueness of this new bikini generation is already obvious as soon as the items are ordered. The customer can mix and match her favorite designs from a large variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. Pictures posted in the online boutique by other satisfied customers can help her make the right decisions.

The Nixe ... or the Nixxxe©
Nixe is the German word for “undine,” a beautiful female water spirit who seduces men and lures them to the bottom of rivers and lakes. A nixe is erotic, captivating and awfully dangerous. The best-known nixe is probably the blonde Lorelei, whose siren’s song lured ships into the cold depths of the Rhine River. If only she’d been wearing the right bikini, her singing would have been superfluous. And that’s a good reason to choose the name “Nixxxe” for a collection of alluring bikinis. Many different types of customers choose Nixxxe bikinis. Some clients are couples who want to add spice to their sex lives: she’s naked in public, but not entirely naked! Wearing one of these bikinis at a public beach or indoor swimming pool not only shocks the other sunbathers and swimmers, it also stimulates the wearer’s imagination because it lets her have the courage to live out her exhibitionist fantasies within the security of a well-functioning relationship. Her partner can enjoy being a voyeur – watching her and observing the admiring expressions on the faces of other men who can’t take their eyes off his scantily clad ladylove. Reactions of this sort are a naughty pleasure, and a delightful frisson makes the entire body shiver.

Dancers and strippers likewise number among the customers because these artistes need a variety of surprising and erotic outfits for their stage shows. These women know exactly how to handle this kind of “explosive” material.

Nude photographers, who often work with inexperienced girls, like to use this type of bikini as a costume for their first sessions. They know that many beginners are initially afraid of nudity, but soon lose their inhibitions after seeing how tame and boring the first photos are. These extremely tiny bikinis help photographers solve this problem. The girl is nearly nude, but she can soothe her nerves by believing that she’s actually wearing clothes – even if her “garment” is nothing more than a string consisting of three elastic ribbons.

It’s very easy to attract admiring attention by wearing a Nixxxe bikini. The recognition and appreciation that the wearer receives are good for her self-esteem and let her experience the power of her own beauty. She has the freedom to simply be crazy. Women have very subtle erotic fantasies. And men have very sharp eyes!


sexy bikini girls

Photography: Mathias Angelov
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Format 17 x 24 cm
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118 photographs
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Mathias Angelov – German photographer and designer featuring the most erotic bikinis you’ve ever seen!


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