The erotic diary of Lynn W.

To continue to have satisfying, exciting sex with one’s spouse, even after ten years of marriage, is surely among the most beautiful and most natural things that can happen to a loving couple. Never before has a happily married wife and mother dared to allow her sexual desires, dreams and experiences to be photographically documented with such openness and honesty. Ever since the beginning of their relationship, Lynn’s husband, the English photographer Ben Walker, has taken his camera into their bedroom, where he shot erotic photographs of such incredible intensity that they make the viewer feel that pure joie de vivre and lust are the most natural things in the world. The photos are augmented by Lynn’s extraordinarily intimate prose, in which she describes her earliest sexual experiences and her evolution to the present day. Original pages and notes from her secret diary are reproduced as facsimiles here, in a book that ignores taboos and oversteps frontiers in an impassioned plea for love, lust and the joy of life!

Press comments and reviews

“The love life of the Walkers: Lynn and Ben are a perfectly ordinary couple with three children. But Ben is a professional photographer and Lynn is his favorite model. And because this photographer’s work also includes his love life, the Walkers a rather special couple after all. Edition Reuss, which is well known for its unusual erotic photo books, has now published the Walkers’ best and most exciting photos in The Erotic Diary of Lynn W. The book also features excerpts from Lynn’s diary, in which she writes very candidly about herself, Ben, and their relationships. Never before has there been a book with the intensity and intimacy of The Erotic Diary of Lynn W.”
Hersfelder Zeitung

“They love each other – and they prove it by making love as often as possible. Ben and Lynn aren’t afraid of causing a scandal in England. This photo book documents their love life over a period of 14 years in photographs that depict intense lovemaking and unbridled lust. Lynn is particularly fascinating because of the uninhibited way she lives her lust. Though she gives free rein to her exhibitionistic tendencies, she ne0vertheless always looks beautiful and mysterious. The Erotic Diary of Lynn W is a fascinating book and a masterful lesson in the art of living.”
Playboy Fantasme

This book shows how beautiful and how natural it can be – also as a married woman and mother of three children – to enjoy a truly lusty sex life and to live it in front of a camera. Original excerpts from Lynn’s diary create a unique document of lived lust and joie de vivre!
(Premium, Brazil)

I’m always excited to receive a new book from Edition Reuss to review it for WetSet, but this time I was really blown away! This book is an erotic journey into the lives of an ordinary couple who happen to document their sexual exploration of each other (basically because he’s a photographer, and she clearly enjoys the whole process). I found it very exciting that a book like this showed images of Lynn taking a wee outdoors as well as spurting piss all over the bathroom floor. I could imagine many readers sharing a copy of this book with their partners as a way of bringing up a new erotic activity in their lives.
(WetSet, Australia)

Stimulating insights into the love life of an ordinary wife and mother: Lynn W. opens the door of her bedroom – and the cover of her diary. Every couple that has newly fallen in love dreams the same dream: to still be having good sex with each other, even after ten or more years of marriage. But how can two people keep their love life exciting and fresh year after year? Never before has a happily married wife and mother so openly shared such intimate views of her bedroom. Lynn W.’s book offers an honest and candid insight into the wishes, dreams and experiences of a woman who seeks to fulfill her sexual longings not in one-night stands or secret infidelities, but within her marriage. Numerous and highly impressive photos document Lynn’s sexual development and erotic preferences from her youth to the present day. And author Ben Walker goes one step further: he offers a profound look into Lynn’s innermost soul. Facsimiles of pages from her secret diary share with the reader information about all her sexual desires and unfulfilled yearnings.
The Erotic Diary doesn’t seek to lead its readers into a faraway erotic world, but invites them instead to sharpen their gaze for the lust and satisfaction that we can find right here and now in our everyday lives and relationships. This volume is a unique book of instructions for joy in bed. Wholly free from specialized psychological terminology, these words and images are taken directly from the colorful fantasy world of a perfectly ordinary woman. Ben Walker succeeds in this literary tightrope walk: he never strays into triviality and never adopts the know-it-all tone of a pedagogue. The book is accordingly good to read – and its photos are great to look at!
(ER men’s magazine, Germany)


erotic diary

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Photography: Ben Walker
ISBN 978-3-934020-35-1
Format 17 x 24 cm
184 pages
texts in G, E, F
133 photographs
hardcover thread-bound
with dust jacket
price 49,90 Euro

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