The fascinating photos by German photographer, filmmaker, designer andmedia entrepreneur Peter W. Czernich set international standards andalso influence depictions of the female body in productions in the established arts and in the fashion industry. The usually large-breasted goddesses of his fetish universe are erotic objects of desire that are repeatedly reborn through creativity and the pleasure of playing with the imagination. Hyper-realism, extreme poses, the desire to experiment,cool pathos and gigantic breasts characterize his fantastic stagings – Generation Superdolls!



Czernich's photos transport their viewer into a bizarre and beguiling world inhabited by the millennium generation. Like rococo dolls come alive, these images are perfect illusions, uncompromisingly digitized, with razor-sharp contrasts, both visually and thematically.(A&A – DIE ZEITUNG FÜR KUNST – KULTUR – DESIGN, Deutschland)

"Czernich's 'Dolls' are the fruits of a creative imagination that seems to know no bounds."
Le Journal de la Haute Marne

"XXL - exaggerated femininity and gigantic breasts, staged in artificial worlds and accompanied by a hefty dose of eroticism."

"Stark contrasts and surreal scenes with mostly big-breasted women are the preferred elements in his pictures. The eroticism is convincing in these atmospheric photos."

"Peter W. Czernich whisks us away to a fascinating world of eroticism and fashion. He has primarily chosen women with especially large breasts for his artful stagings. The results are impressive."

"Women who present themselves to men's gazes like living dolls, photographed by Peter W. Czernich, who loves the smooth shimmer of lacquer, rubber, and leather."
Märkische Allgemeine

"Busty models in revealing lacquer and leather outfits. This is not for people with weak nerves."


Preface of the book


"The passion of illusion is even stronger than sex and happiness. Repeatedly seductive ..."

Jean Baudrillard

Dolls. Little girls love to play with them. Collec-tors pay high prices for them. As if by magic, a lifelike three-dimensional representation seems to come alive when a human eye catches sight of it. Sculptural imitations of real human beings undoubtedly posses magical or animistic potency. Deaf to the protests of logic and reason, our eye all too readily yields to the seductive contradiction of a dead yet en-souled object. An anthropomorphic image instantly incites this playful visual vacillation between reason and imagination the mo-ment our psychological process of perception is activated.

Artificial humans have radiated a tremendous attractive power for many centuries and in nearly every culture. Prehistoric cult figures, the statues of classical antiquity, effigies crafted from wood, wax or stone since the Middle Ages, lifelike anatomical models since the Renaissance, 18th-century automata, children’s dolls, shop-window mannequins, androids, andreids, and mummified cadavers: the list of scientifically and artistically motivated human creations goes on and on. Man is a creative god who creates himself in a perpetual quest for the consummately error-free image.

God is male. And he’s always striving to create the perfect artificial female figure, whose body he assembles from her most beautiful component parts. Could any medium be more suitable than photography for conveying the erotic presence of immaculate feminine physicality?

Wholly artificial worlds of convincingly arranged eroticism are the oeuvre of the German photographer, filmmaker, designer and media entrepreneur Peter W. Czernich. Now we finally know the source from which star photographers and prominent fashion designers have occasionally drawn their inspirations. Czernich studied graphic design and worked as an art director at an advertising agency in New York. He’s currently editor-in-chief and publisher of “Marquis,” the world’s leading fetish magazine. Hyperrealism, extreme poses, the pleasure of experimentation, and cool pathos character-ize his fantastic stagings of female creatures. Welcome to the Superdoll Generation!

Superdolls unmistakably shows the influences of Surrealism and the artistic avant-garde of the 20th century. These include: the photo parade of the 1938 International Surrealism Exhibition with mannequin conceptual art by Dalí, Arp, Max Ernst, Duchamp, Tanguy, André Masson and others; pictorial compositions by Man Ray; and above all various creations from the hermetic microcosms of Hans Bellmer (1930s) and Pierre Molinier (1960s). In accord with his active imagination, Bellmer assembled bodies from pieces of dolls and Molinier integrated himself into his artworks as a physical component of indefinable gender.

Some pictures from the world of Superdolls allude to the aesthetic refinement and exquisite luxury of Art Deco or the mannered poses of the models in Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings from the 1920s. We can find echoes of the pinup culture and perceptual tastes of the 1950s, as well as references to the boudoir and the aristocratic salon. It seems nearly certain that the current productions of the media and fashion industry have borrowed from Czernich’s fetish themes rather than vice versa: Lara Croft in her neoprene catsuit, Matrix outfits, rubber creations by Dior, bondage shoes by Galliano, fetish designs by Gucci or Prada. But Peter W. Czernich keeps his cool: “We fetishists are constant. We have certain ideal notions that simply cannot be topped. A corset is a corset. A high-heeled shoe must look just so. And a catsuit will always be a catsuit. This makes us independ-ent from fashions.”

Peter W. Czernich’s treasure-trove of fetish fantasies appears to be inexhaustible, as do his visual ideas, the creativity and diversity of his designs and compositions, and his urge to give form. Every photo in Superdolls is technically perfect and brilliantly staged. The artist’s imagination alone decides how much effort needs to be invested in the process of project-ing a fantasy out of the mind’s eye and into the external world. There’s no shortage of sarcasm and humor, and there’s plenty of dra-matic playfulness, exaggerating poses and pure eroticism. Czernich’s models present more than merely one-dimensional images of female superbodies: viewers who lose themselves in beholding these photos experience the stimulating interplay of perception on the surfaces of the skin – latex, patent leather, and genuine epidermis. Here’s the ultimate seduction and the perfect illusion. And the contrasts, both visually and thematically, are razor-sharp. Superdolls is Peter W. Czernich’s first full-feature iconography. His work not only sets international standards in the fetish genre, it also influences the ways in which the estab-lished arts depict the female body. Czernich’s unmistakably unique visual language, as well as his masterful control of the photographic medium, are impossible to overlook. These pictures allude to avant-garde photography, but they go far beyond it: they stand in the midst of the present, in the third millennium. The goddesses of this fetish universe are erotic objects of desire who are reborn, time and time again, through creativity and the playfulness of the imagination.


superdolls - fotobuch - buchumschlag

Photography: Peter W. Czernich
ISBN 978-3-934020-27-6
dimensions 22,5 x 33,5 cm
texts in German, English, French
121 full-color photographs
128 pages
hardcover thread-bound
with dust jacket
price 49,90 Euro
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