Japanese Princess

The Japanese photographer Ken-ichi Murata is a sensational new discovery.

The pretty Japanese girls in his hand-colored black-and-white photographs transport us into the erotic fantasy worlds of a Japanese artist who is inspired by thousand-year-old traditions and sexual rites.

Murata enchants us with nymph-like princesses and half-nude girls in kimonos. Here are stimulating role play and exotic charm in their purest form.

This unique book deserves a special place in every collection of erotic photography!

Press comments and reviews

„A Beautiful Masterpiece of Japanese Erotica! This is the most passionate, intensely arousing art photography book since John Santerineross published his book, DREAM in 2004. It is a spectacularly beautiful production. Each of Murata's black & white photographs is an intricately hand-colored (by his young female muse, Yumiko Yamasaki), and the scenarios and sets are fantastical dreamscapes. The girls are featured within are delicate beauties, almost waif-like, and each very, very pretty. But there is more here than just a parade of comely Japanese models, there is also a most powerful element of sexual energy. Inspired by ancient Japanese traditions and sexual rituals, Murata crafts for us an alternate reality where his subjects prance and posture and and sometimes spread their delicate, snow-white legs as though they were sacrificial virgins offering themselves to us ... like we were Gods. They serve not only to enchant, but to stimulate our deepest, most ravishing immortal passions. Admittedly, some of the imagery is extreme, but overall this is an uplifting, cerebral, intoxicating experience.”
Jack Gilbert, michelle7

“Jean-Christophe Ammann wrote a foreword which ennobles a book that might otherwise have been all too quickly shelved in the familiar labial pigeonhole. Ken-ichi Murata is the photographer who took the pictures in Japanese Princess. His photos are a bit Araki, but nonetheless unique. Hand-colored by the woman artist Yumiko Yamasi, they document a twofold obsession.”
Informationsdienst Kunst

“Very unusual! Allow yourself be swept away into the erotic fantasy world of the Japanese artist and photographer Ken-ichi Murata, where gorgeous Japanese nymphs perform an exotic play. These lovingly hand-colored black-and-white photos have a magical effect that further enhances their hidden symbolism. A stimulating work of visual theater!”
ER - The World’s Oldest Men’s Magazine

“Whether it’s the myth of the geisha or the mystique of innocence, photographer Ken-ichi Murata explores our inmost erotic yearnings and transforms his models into fantastic figures. Viewing this book, one immediately recognizes the photographer’s preference for female genitals, which he ornaments with diverse decorations and also presents in revealing close-ups. The vulva is the cornucopia of joy and the symbol of life which this photographer explores in his art.”


japanese princess

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Photography: Ken-ichi Murata
ISBN 978-3-934020-33-7
dimensions 24 x 31,5 cm
84 pages
77 full-color photographs
texts in G, E, F
hardcover thread-bound
with dust jacket
price 49,90 Euro
(incl. tax)

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