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Solange ich liebe

photography: von M.Reuss, W.Reimann, R.Simulis, Liebesgedichte von Matthias Reuss.

A powerful combination: this album contains dramatic black and white nude photographs and portraits of men, women and couples along with poems which not only celebrate love, lust and longing, but also successfully demonstrate the other side of the coin: disappointment, escape and loneliness.

Lyricism combines with strong visual images in a symbiotic way. A book that spells out how erotic love can be.

Photography: M.Reuss, W.Reimann, R.Simulis
ISBN 978-3-9805017-2-9
dimensions 21 x 28 cm
84 pages
42 duotone photographs
37 love poems in German language
hardcover, thread bound
colored dust jacket
Price 29,90 EUR

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A dynamic combination of striking black-and-white nudes and portraits of women, men and loving couples. The images are juxtaposed with intense poems about love and lust, yearning and longing. Lyric poetry and visual images grow together in a perfect symbiosis. This book is ideal as a declaration of erotic love.
AMICA (Deutschland)



The women, men and couples photographed here aren’t professional models. Their naturalness differs refreshingly from the current fashion for cool, odd, advertising-influenced nude photography. The book becomes a total artwork thanks to the poems, which express love without the slightest trace of kitsch. A gorgeous book for everyone who’s still searching today for romanticism and naturalness.
PENTHOUSE (Deutschland)



Impressive nude photographs and poems of love. The author has succeeded in creating an interesting work of art whose themes include loneliness and leave-taking, liberation and infatuation.



An artful combination of poems and poetic nude photographs.



For and unprejudiced observer of the photos, the poems are a very sensitive accompaniment which harmoniously enhances the book’s overall impression. Anyone who wants to give a gift that’s an emblem of love will find a present here which can serve as a quiet sign that brings people together.



Love in poems and photos. Women and men in natural settings, amidst flowers, water, boulders. People sleeping, contemplating, surrendering themselves to poetry. Couples hugging each other, their faces eloquently expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings. An album of poetry in words and images.
RHEINZEITUNG (Deutschland)



Poems of love united with wonderful black-and-white photographs. Beautifully done!
JOY (Germany)